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What We Really Bring Home From the Grocery Store

These days, I’m pretty sure my life revolves around grocery shopping. So much so that sometimes the sensation of my freely swinging arms brushing against my sides feels so unnatural that I need to reach out and grab hold of an imaginary cart to regain balance and perspective and purpose.

Hyperbole? Maybe.

But, you see, when I grocery shop, I do more–much more–than just walk around the healthy perimeter and down a few select aisles of the store.

When I grocery shop, every turn of the cart is a meditation on how much I love my family–on how much my young children’s still-growing bodies and ever-developing minds need physical nourishment and how I am the one responsible for supplying to them the foundational nutrition that will shape who they become and how they will feed and treat their bodies for the rest of their lives; on how much my husband’s health depends upon what he does and doesn’t eat (the ice cream, cookie, cake, & cracker aisles? Yes, they are the reasons I do the grocery shopping–after all, I want him to be healthy for the long-haul in this life we love to live together); on how my parents are learning, by example, to eat healthier in order to ease the effects of aging and reduce their reliance on pharmaceuticals so that they may actively enjoy every moment with their grandkids; on how my own health is balanced and maintained by eating well, and how my family’s healthy eating practices begin with me when I choose to fill our grocery cart up in the organic produce aisle, the organic meat department, and the natural foods bulk section.

When I grocery shop, I do more than just purchase groceries. I vote for quality food free of pesticides, GMOs, chemicals, and processing with our hard-earned money. I vote with the extra dollar I pay for every organic cucumber that I will juice, skin included, and drink with my children the next day. I vote with my decision to place grass-fed beef on the conveyor belt rather than the “Club Pack” ground chuck that could potentially be mystery meat suspended in pink slime. I vote with my devotion to organic unrefined coconut oil instead of Crisco. I vote with raw organic nuts, grain-free flours, wild-caught fish, and locally-grown organic produce. Do I pay significantly more for these products? If money is your only measure of payment, then, yes, I do. But that’s not how I see it.

I see it like this:

When I grocery shop, I bring home my family’s current and future health, wealth, happiness, and longevity in over-flowing, reusable bags. What do you shop for each week?

Happy Shopping, Lovelies!



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  1. So well put! It’s really hard at times to remember that the quality of food we eat is so important. Especially when so many of us have less of those hard earned dollars to spend each week. Thinking of how many fewer colds, infections, hours of lost sleep, medical co-pays, definitely does help. Our grocery bill certainly has increased, but we’ve also been much healthier since we started this Paleo lifestyle. Can you put a price on a good night sleep, or a healthy child’s smile? The only instant price we see is on our grocery bill. The long term payoff will be as we age, we will be healthier and won’t need pharmacy drugs to help us feel well. I do believe it’s worth it.

    • Thanks, Jenelle! I, too, feel that spending the money on quality food pays off in the long run. My dad (Grandpa Perfectly Paleo) has already noticed a considerable improvement in his blood sugar, which he monitors consistently, as well as in how he feels. After suffering a heart attack, enduring quintuple bypass surgery, suffering a stroke, becoming a Type II diabetic, and learning of his high cholesterol, Paleo is something that he wishes he had learned of sooner. We are looking forward to watching his continued improvement and he looks forward to us never having to face the health issues that he has endured!

  2. I feel a famous book Author coming out of this journey. I love reading your blog, just that bit of humor makes it to where you do not want to stop reading..

    • Thanks for being a Sister, Tina! We’re so lucky to have you with us on our journey! A book…maybe. Famous? Gosh I hope not! I have a hard enough time grocery shopping without my student-fans trying to turn in papers while I’m picking through romaine lettuce in the produce section…


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