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Monday Morning Mindfulness

With the demands of the work week about to commence and the fond memories of the weekend still lingering, there is this quiet little moment. I am having tea (yes, tea! Yogi Caramel Apple Spice Tea, to be exact) and counting down the minutes before the kiddos join me in conquering Monday morning. And, I’m also counting my blessings–the minutes are sure to run out before I’m finished.

One month ago, I began this Paleo journey. Yes, just one month ago I was twenty pounds heavier and a whole lot sicker. Just one month ago I hadn’t had a period in nearly five months. I had painful cystic acne, extreme fatigue, and a number of other health ailments. Today I am counting my rejuvenated physical health as one of my greatest blessings, for it has allowed me to once again participate in my own life and the lives of those I love. (You know what we did this weekend? Karate, Kobudo, yard work, laundry, dishes, cooking, grocery shopping, a family visit, two workouts, and a Renaissance Faire!).

One month ago, I knew of a girl from high school who was doing Paleo. Now I have a friend whom I wish I’d known better back then, but now look forward to growing with as our Paleo journeys continue.

One month ago, I had kiddos who, though they ate well, were still consuming “gluten-free” and “lactose-free” versions of SAD foods. Now I have kiddos who only occasionally look at someone else’s bowl of mac ‘n cheese with longing–mostly they view it as “a bowl of pain.” No longer do we fight over broccoli and spinach, and grilled chicken breast has become a lunchbox staple! Fruit is the snack of choice–especially if it is dipped in homemade cocoa-almond butter.

One month ago, I had a husband who opted for convenience over health–a trade I wasn’t content to live with, yet had not discovered the key to prompt some re-prioritization. Today, I’d venture to say that he is down about 15 pounds (last confirmed was 13, last week), and he has not left home without his homemade, well-stocked lunchbox more than once. (And on that day, he was working in a building with a cafeteria and salad bar, where he enjoyed a grilled chicken salad).

One month ago, I was still banging my head against the proverbial wall in an attempt to be someone others wanted me to be (incredibly unsuccessfully, might I add). I have walked away from those relationships and emotional junk, and I have been blessed with the opportunity to meet so many new, like-minded individuals, who have nourished my soul as much as Paleo has nourished my body. Thanks for that, Lovelies ;)!

One month ago, I had only hope. And what a powerful thing it continues to be!

As you take-on the week, remember what centers and grounds you. Remember what makes you happy, healthy, and fabulous–then do more of all those things!




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  1. So happy for you! And so glad you are outspoken enough to share this with everyone so that we can benefit as well. Thank you!


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