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Extra Oomph…

It’s Wednesday. Hump Day. The middle of the week.

The day where some ambitions are waning and intentions are sometimes forgotten.

Not for you, though, Lovelies! I’m going to share a secret with you. Ready?

I am here today to give you a little extra oomph to keep you moving and get you over the hurdle.

How? Check it out…

My awesome sister is one of my main motivators, and I must share with you her latest creation.


Isn’t it pretty?!?!? 

(Click it if you want one for yourself! Erin will be happy to help you!)

I don’t know about you, but something pretty and sparkly and full of symbolic, motivating meaning always rejuvenates my enthusiasm and reinforces my commitment to my goals. How could I go astray while wearing a Paleo-inspired locket? “P” for Perfectly Paleo Sisters reminds me that I am not in this lifestyle alone. That little pink sneaker reminds me to be active. Every. Single. Day. The smiley face is me (or you), on Paleo. I follow Paleo to remain prescription-free and maintain my health naturally, hence the Caduceus (medical symbol). And, the bone and cookbook illustrate my belief that cooking good, primal food is a joy, as well as the best medicine available. Yep, I can’t go wrong with that kind of beautiful motivation hanging around my neck!

What else is motivating?

Well, Lovelies, I find this pretty darn motivating: 

This is my favorite workout. EVER. 

(Okay, AND it’s my favorite workout poster. EVER. [R.I.P. Andy Whitfield]. The laminating girl at Staples even tried to buy it from me…I politely declined, of course.)

BUT, eye candy (the only kind approved while following Paleo) aside, the workout in itself is 40 minutes of pure motivation. You will sweat. You will curse. You will think you’re dying, but then you will take a drink break and suddenly feel like another set is possible. No, not just possible, but inevitable! This workout motivates me because it is awesome. Give it a shot! I’m sure you’ll love something about it, too!

What else motivates me to get over the mid-week blahs? Here are two of my favorite sources of motivation:

  • Are quick effective workouts your thing? Check out the Crossfit Mamas Blog!
  • Need to be treated like royalty? Check out the fitness Queen at SweatItOut!

Have a great day today, Lovelies!

And, remember–Keep on going!



P.S.~Don’t forget to share (we have a comment section, you know 😉 ) what motivates YOU! We would certainly love to hear!


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