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Erin Goes to Dr. Wolf…

(For those of you who don’t know, a small aside: Erin has vaccine-induced systemic lupus and is sick and tired of our current healthcare system. This is her latest experience with another Dr. Wolf. Oh, honest, altruistic doctors, where are you?)

Ok…. So back up on my soap box I go…After waiting an hour and 15 minutes to see my rheumatologist for him to tell me, “Yes, you still have lupus, and yes you are inflamed in your joints today…” I got extremely aggravated  by the whole visit.


It started like this–he asked how long I had been taking hydroxychloroquine. I said, “Since I was 14.”


He said, “Wow! That’s a realllllllllly long time for someone to be on it.” (No shnit!). He then said, ” Well we can cut your dose (little does he know I already have) and alternate it with another anti-malaria drug.” (Anti MALARIA???? Well thank God I am already on one with the way mosquitos bite me).

He then asked if I am still taking my two doses of 500mg Neproxen… I said, “Yeah, if I need it but I try to stay away from it and just deal with the pain and work it out.”


He said, “Good I don’t feel the need to put you on anything more TOXIC yet.” (TOXIC!??!?!?!?) I couldn’t believe the verbage he was using!

So for now I REALLY want to get off all prescription medication. With this in mind, I simply asked this doctor if any of his rheumatoid or lupus patients have tried/done the Paleo diet/way of eating…… his answer just shocked me and really angered me.
He said (in that condescending tone)…….. “Yes,” *rolled his eyes* and stated that he had a few do it and their weight got really low. Their weight. That’s all he commented on. No mention of their symptoms, etc. Their weight was his observation.


I rebutted with, “I am not doing it for the weight purpose. I am doing it for the medicinal factor and trying to get off of my medications and completely control my lupus with my diet and routine.”


Then the best, best, best answer ever came out of his mouth (and has caused me to lose complete faith in doctors). He said, “You will never get off of hydroxychloroquine, Erin. Following that diet may help with inflammation a little, but you will never be prescription-free. What you are on is a preventative for lupus.” (And this is the same doctor who mere minutes before stated that being on hydroxychloroquine for 14 years was a long time! Now he’s talking about NEVER getting off of it?!?!?!?!?)


I could not believe my ears- REALLY?!- NEVER….. so needless to say I have more ambition in the world than ever to prove him wrong and eventually never have to go see him again.

Why wouldn’t my rheumatologist want me to get off medication, want me to have a healthier life style, want me to have a longer more fulfilling life? It’s just really upsetting to me that some doctors don’t really want to help you. They want to keep you under their care to get kickbacks from pharmaceutical companies to fund their lavish lifestyles and ensure that they have a job……….


Until next time Lovelies,



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