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Rules Schmules…

I’m cranky and hungry today (probably b/c I’m celebrating a regular female cycle–32 days instead of 28, but, hey, for us PCOSers that’s like clockwork). And because of it, I’m feeling a little devilish. In fact, I feel like breaking the rules. (Okay, so that’s not too much different from every other day. Thanks for pointing that out, Lovelies). Anyway…a short story first.

Once upon a low carb diet in a tiny house near the woods, a very hungry and unhappy girl fell in love with Shakshuka. (Not sure what that is? Read up at Wikipedia. I promise it won’t take you but a moment). With every flavorful bite the girl smiled a little bigger and felt a little better. Her bland, repetitive diet would bother her no more now that she had the magic of Shakshuka in her recipe box. The End.

Okay, so that is a terrible story, and, obviously, the girl is me. The point is that through all the ups and downs of my dieting history, I’ve returned to this dish over and over again and made it many ways–adding in a little, taking out a little, etc. However, my long-standing favorite recipe (not 100% Paleo) for Shakshuka is from the Smitten Kitchen. Check it out! While you are there getting lost in the deliciousness, take a look at the volatile comment section. I’ll give you a minute…..

Welcome back!

Who knew, right!?!?!?!?!?!?  Such controversy over a simple dish of tomatoes, peppers, spices, and eggs!

Well, like I mentioned, I’m feeling rebellious today. So, instead of deciding where the dish came from and who deserves credit for the ingenious invention of this delicious eat, (because, in all honesty, I really don’t care where it came from as long as it winds up on my plate) I’m just going to celebrate its wonderfulness and make some!

Paleo purists, so that your opinions of me don’t change for the worse, please stop reading now (okay, at the end of the paragraph) and visit The Paleo Diet Lifestyle‘s site for their wonderful version of Shakshuka. You and your 100% commitment (which I truly admire) are more than welcome to return when I’m feeling better behaved. Today, sadly, is not that day.

Okay, that was my warning. If you’re a purist who is still reading, just know that you forfeit your right to leave finger-wagging comments and that I love you. XO

Deviant Shakshuka

There are no measurements. Go figure. (If you’ve ever cooked in my kitchen with me, you know what I mean!) Use the pics, my terrible descriptions, and ask questions if you need to. I promise, despite my mood, that I’ll be nice and answer them.

Heat a pan with olive oil and sauté diced onion, green bell pepper, zucchini, and mushrooms until they are done to your liking. Feel free to add-in whatever else you’d like, too. This is cooking, not science.

Add-in a can of San Marzano tomatoes to your sautéed veggies. Break-up the tomatoes with a spoon, your fingers (don’t burn yourself), or whatever instrument it takes, to get them to reduce down into a nice bubbly sauce. Be patient. This might take a little while. Add in the spices of your choice to your taste. (Wonderfully specific, I know.) I used cumin and turmeric and paprika. Lots of cumin.

Once you have the fragrant sauce of your dreams, make two wells and crack one egg into each. Actually, to be fair, this step goes more like this: Make a well, pick up an egg, make the same well, crack the egg, try to scrape some sauce out of the way as egg is falling into the pan. Repeat. Cover your entire pan with a lid and let the eggs poach to your preferred degree of yolk set.

Once your eggs are “set,” you have a choice. I am about to do the unthinkable for most Paleo purists. But, you know what? I don’t care. I RARELY do this, and darn it, I deserve to enjoy my favorite dish of all time. I am going to add an entire…

OUNCE (one WHOLE ounce!) of feta cheese to my Shaksuka. I’m letting it melt. MMMMMMMMMMM. Don’t hate. Don’t judge. Let me indulge, please.

I use basil to garnish; you can use parsley. Whatever makes your tastebuds sing!

Breakfast is served!

Thanks for letting me break the rules this morning, Lovelies. 100% tomorrow. Promise.




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  1. Looks so yummy! Rules are meant to be broken sometimes! 😉

  2. I want to come over the next time you make this!

  3. Oh. My. God. HOW did I miss this???? I am starving (and also in the midst of my ever-so-lovely cycle) and this sounds like absolute and blissful PERFECTION. Thanks sooooooo much for sharing!


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