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Stress Eating: A Non-Solution

Oh, Lovelies. Stress. How we all hate it, right? Particularly on Fridays.

It disrupts our hormones, alters our sleep patterns (which further disrupts our hormones), and can take away our level-headed sense of control if we let it.

I almost let it. I might still let it, honestly. But, I’m fighting. And, I’m pretty sure I’m writing this more for me than you, no offense. I still love you, but please forgive me if I ramble today.

You know your day is going to be stressful when it begins with a euphemism-filled phone discussion with your husband (who had just left for work but called because he knows what would have happened if you had talked face to face) about whether or not your beloved old puppy has reached “that time.”

We are pretty certain that he has.

Cue the STRESS.

When we first adopted our Lab as an almost-two-year-old pup, the mere contemplation of the far-off “final day” was enough to drive me to tears. Today, after sharing eleven years, two homes, the birth of our two children–the majority of my adult life–with his unconditional affection and home-warming presence, the idea of what looms overwhelms me.

I’m drowning.

Historically, I cope through indulgence. In all the wrong things for a girl with PCOS (or, anyone, really). Bread. Pasta. Cheese. Repeat. Bread. Pasta. Cheese. Repeat. Luckily, though, not much of that is in the house. I think…

However, Panera is two miles down the road, and I am ready to stress eat my way through their entire assortment of menus–a new doughy, carb-loaded, ooey-gooey cheese dish between each new round of sobs. 

But, I won’t.

I can recognize, even in my distress, that stress-eating is a non-solution. It certainly won’t cure our pup’s now-debilitating arthritis, clear up his fatty tumors, or improve his newly-slipping hind quarters. It won’t help his stubborn Labrador-ness climb the stairs to sleep close to his family every night, make his medication more effective, or stop him from groaning in his sleep. But it will deplete me.

Sure, it would taste amazing, but that’s about all.

Very likely, I’d wind-up sick to my stomach, experiencing sugar-crashes, crankiness, and fatigue. I can’t have that, because not only will Chance’s passing be mine and my husband’s to share, but our two children will need us to guide them through the loss of their best friend.

Can you say HUGE responsibility?!?!?!?

We may be blessed with our beloved pup for another day, week, or maybe even month if he is comfortable. However, the best way I know to be prepared for that inevitable time is to keep nourishing myself the right way, even when I don’t want to, so that I’ll be the best I can be for those who are going to need me to be strong.

Hug & kiss your furry family members, Lovelies. They are here with us for far too short a time.





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