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Whole 30 Challenge, Day #3

You, Lovelies, are smart, sophisticated, and completely aware of what my Whole 30 day looks like at this point. No need to detail my every move. However, today I want to tell you about a few of the hurdles I’ve hopped the past couple days and will face in the next week. After all, living well means remaining committed to your goals, even when temptations arise and situations are less than perfect.


First, even though I meal plan my heart out, there are circumstances that are sometimes beyond my control. Example: Day #1 had me planning on making a rump roast. No such luck. You see, my dad was bringing me the roast and he forgot to thaw it! A frozen roast at 3 PM does not make a very good dinner, so we found ourselves at our local pizzeria. Luckily, Mr. Pizza Man (our local pizza chef) has a very accommodating menu. Lovely grilled shrimp, fresh lettuce, sliced cucumbers and tomatoes, green olives, and an olive oil & vinegar dressing made a delicious substitute. While the rest of my family indulged a bit, I kept my focus on my goals. Crisis (and cheese-filled dough) avoided.


Second, despite putting workouts on the calendar, sometimes my body knows best. Nearly falling flat on my face after getting out of bed this morning due to overly-tight calf muscles means one thing: Insanity waits until tomorrow. I need a recoup day. Lots of water, lots of stretching, lots of massage. Does this mean my fitness goals are doomed? Not one bit. In fact, I’ll hopefully be stronger for the extra day of rest, and I’ll prevent future injury by avoiding working out on already taxed muscles.


Third, I am traveling next week. Over 1,200 miles to be exact! My gorgeous niece is turning one, and we are going to party with her all the way in Tennessee! And, yes, my Whole 30 Challenge Goals are coming with me! While the emotional urges to indulge with friends and family will certainly be present (as will all my worst saboteurs), my focus will remain on why I am on this journey in the first place. I am working toward MY health, wellness, and fitness. Therefore, the only influence on my behavior will be ME. And, my sister has my back, I’m sure!


Journey on, Lovelies! Hope to hear about your own successes!


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  1. Good for you!!! It’s so important to listen to your body, be positive and set yourself up for success. Have fun celebrating with your family! 🙂


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