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Please excuse the lack of Paleo significance today, Lovelies. Today is more whole-person wellness.

It’s confession time.

As many of you know, I try to be as positive as possible in my everyday life. I am one who believes in taking things as they are in the moment and moving forward in a productive way. I have a positive view of karma, in the sense that life brings you the lessons you need as you need them. I try not complain about the trivial, and I am mindful of how I voice my complaints about the significant. However, yesterday I found myself downright griping.

Yes. Me. Griping.

It was not pretty, and I felt awful afterwards, despite my careful attention to Paleo eats all day.

Let me elaborate:

Two years ago I fell in love with a yoga studio. Three days a week (if not more) I’d attend classes with amazing instructors inside this refurbished barn, all for $27.00 per month. Which, for a busy professional mother–or anyone, really–was a bargain! I’d relish every delicious second of blissful Svaroopa yoga beneath the wide, exposed beams lined with soft white string lights. During challenging sequences in Vinyasa classes, I’d focus on the faint sounds of water passing in the stream outside the open loft doors. I’d enjoy peppermint oil massaged onto my temples and neck at the end of every Sunday’s Restorative Yoga session until last year, when the very best yoga studio I’d ever practiced in shut its doors.

I felt like a jilted lover. I mourned. I thought I moved on–unaware until yesterday just how truly bitter I still am about the whole thing.

After an exchange on Facebook with fitness-minded friends and some soul-searching last night, I came to recognize that I’m upset about several things:

  • The studio closed,
  • There are not AFFORDABLE, QUALITY studios in the area (and by affordable, I mean studios that offer unlimited yoga for less than $85-$110/month, and, by quality, I mean classes taught by a yogi who intends to instruct body, mind, and spirit),
  • My practice, which had seen such growth and improvement has stagnated (Gag! That word! You, Lovelies, know how I feel about stagnation!),

However, despite recognizing all of these things, NONE of them are what’s REALLY bothering me.

Want to know what I discovered?

I’M what’s bothering me! Yes, you read that correctly. It’s me! I’m the problem!

The studio closed. So what. Studios come and go. I could have kept up my practice at home. I had learned enough to do that. I chose not to.

Studios in the area are expensive (a minimum of $15/class). Quality instructors deserve to be paid what they’re worth, even if quality students can’t always afford them. I could have taken my $27.00/month budget and stretched it to attend a class every other week while still practicing regularly at home. Again, I chose not to.

My practice stagnated because I let it. Not because the studio closed. Not because of my tiny budget. I let something I love wither because I didn’t accept things as they were in that moment, and, yesterday, I recognized that I had not, in fact, moved forward in a productive manner. Luckily, I can see the path before me now.

With my nutrition in check and my PCOS symptoms almost back under control, a consistent home yoga practice is my next goal. (Unassisted handstands by next summer!).

In addition to my own internal motivation, my children’s budding interest in their own health and wellness–from what they put into their bodies to what they put their bodies through both physically and emotionally–is ever an inspiration. This exploration of a yoga practice, though highly personal, is also a family adventure–one that I hope lasts a lifetime!

In order to make this happen I have selected two excellent resources for at-home use:

  •–This 21-day challenge begins on September 9th, and is FREE! (WooooHoooo! I LOVE things that affect positive personal change with no negative budget effects!)

Lovelies, it is never my intent to sell you anything. I think you are very capable of making your own decisions; however, I have found a treasure trove of a site!

  • My Yoga Online offers unlimited access to full-length yoga videos, articles, music, and so much more! If you are interested in a free two-week trial of My Yoga Online, please feel free to send me your preferred email address @

Feel free to comment with other fantastic Pale-yo-ga sources!


Flexibility of Body & Mind


Lovelies, I am taking a moment to celebrate the good: Every single member of my four-person family exercised yesterday! WoooooHooooo!

Hubby and I  had it all planned out: I’d have a delicious dinner prepared for when he arrived home from work, and then, after dinner, we’d all hop in the car and head to the gym so Hubby could work out, I could take a new yoga class, and the kiddos could hang at the kids’ club. Beautiful. When we’d signed up for the gym back in January, the kids’ club was part of my membership, and we thought that since we hadn’t used it yet, tonight would be a great night to do so.

Not so much.

Dinner was divine! Everyday Paleo’s Ground Pork and Apple Sliders [YUM!], roasted broccoli, cinnamon whipped sweet potatoes, and organic applesauce did not disappoint! Dishes were carried happily to the kitchen, gym-time entertainment was packed without squabbling. We even had time to run a quick errand together before class time. We should have known that the evening was about to nosedive.

Here’s the kicker: Though my membership includes access to the kids’ club, I still have to pay $4 for the first child and $2 for the second in order to use the childcare service! Sure, $6 isn’t a big deal, but still…

Anyway, to be brief, neither hubby nor I had our wallets with us, and instead of being cranky, we chose to be flexible.

I, not wanting to derail Hubby’s excellent exercise routine, took the kids home. We moved some furniture around, rolled-out yoga mats, and did a round of Spartacus (my most favorite workout EVER) followed by Jillian Michael’s Yoga Meltdown. Afterwards, we piled back in the car to pick up Hubby from the gym. We laughed. We talked. We planned new fitness goals and adventures.

Had I wanted a zen-like yoga class with soft lights, gentle music, and a soothing guru gently guiding me toward a relaxed and thoroughly stretched state of being? Abso-freaking-lutely. I cannot express how much that was all I wanted.

But, by being flexible and in the moment, what I got was far better 🙂


Keep yourselves open to what life might bring to you today, Lovelies!

Paleo Plans: Birthday Gift #2

I admire people who are willing to research and explore this world, reach a conclusion based on their experiences and learning, and then faithfully hold that unique, fact-based perspective even as the popular opinion clings to outdated science, sentimental tradition, and the status quo.

I am doing my best to raise my children so that they may each become that kind of person.

The two greatest accomplishments of my 34 years
& the reasons I continue to pursue the healthiest lifestyle possible.


I won’t lie. It’s not always easy. I need guides. I need muses. I need information. Luckily, there is no shortage of any of these in the Paleo community.


One such guide is Dave Asprey. Even though he is not officially affiliated with “Paleo,” he is, in my belief,  a primal living guru. He views himself as a biohacker and has spent considerable time and money figuring out with the world’s leading scientists and researchers what is best for the human body. His website is vast and detailed, and you can check out exactly what it means to be Bulletproof at The Bulletproof Executive.

I was initially a huge fan of Mr. Asprey’s because he helped his wife overcome PCOS with his “Upgraded” diet, which he details in his Upgraded Chef Cookbook.

What continues to interest me about Mr. Asprey is his “Bulletproof Coffee” recipe.

I LOVE coffee. To a fault. As in it could be the only thing I drink. So, in learning about the benefits of Bulletproof Coffee, I decided to gift myself the Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee Kit and give it a try.

My kit should arrive today, which means tomorrow morning is going to be Bulletproof. I’ll let you know how it goes!


All my best for a terrific Tuesday, Lovelies!



Paleo Plans: Birthday Gift #1

Traditional Birthday Celebration:
Musikfest Concert with my #1!
Hello, thirty-four!

Today, Lovelies, is my birthday, which, for me, immediately means a day of introspection and reflection, because, after all, the one thing I fear in this life is stagnation. There’s always room to grow and stretch and learn new things. I don’t believe in coasting.

Nothing is especially spectacular about turning thirty-four. And, honestly, so much has gone wrong in my Paleo world lately that  I am not feeling like the best thirty-four-year-old wife, mother, teacher, friend, sister that I can be. So, it is my birthday goal to make this year THE year. You know, the one where I finally get it all right.


Click to preview on Amazon!


In order to help me along my way back to the Paleo path, I’ve purchased the book to the right. Sarah Fragoso’s newest cookbook is one of two gifts to myself this year. If you haven’t read her previous work or checked out her blog Everyday Paleo, do so now! She is my personal hero–and I do not say that lightly.

If anyone can inspire me out of my funk, it’s this amazing woman! I plan on reviewing many of her recipes and sharing every small success with you along the way!




And, now, to begin my birthday the right way, I’m off to enjoy Sarah’s Italian Eggs!

Don’t they look divine?


Here’s to you, Lovelies! I hope you are all finding success on your own Paleo journeys! And, I will be back here to see you all tomorrow–THE year, remember?

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