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Fueling Your Body, Nourishing Your Soul

Greetings, Lovelies. It’s been a while. And, honestly, it’s because I’ve been in a funk. A whirlwind of family activities, new responsibilities, last semester of grad school work, learning to navigate a newly-escalated and life-threatening allergy, getting involved with allergy-specific legislation, and the drudgeries of the daily grind have caused me to do the one thing I hate to admit: I stopped taking care of myself.

It wasn’t pretty. And not just because my pants were getting tight.

I was moody, irritable, short on patience, bloated, crabby because I was bloated, stressed, unhappy, and out of control. I abandoned all my good nutritional habits for convenience (I shudder admitting this), and I quickly set myself back at square one. All of the huge improvements that I’d experienced over the past years shrank into memory, and my PCOS symptoms returned stronger than I remembered.

The important part of this post, however, is that I am not dwelling on my lapse of self-care. Instead, I want to share with you how I’ve started taking it seriously again–for the benefit of EVERY human I come in contact with, especially the ones with whom I share a home (LOVE you, my family!)

First, I reread Jimmy Moore’s Keto Clarity. I knew that getting my body back into nutritional ketosis was the first step to healing my ailments. If you aren’t familiar with Jimmy Moore and you want to know more about low-carb living or keto, please visit his blog: Living La Vida Low Carb.

Next, I prepared: shopped for the right foods, made a plan, etc. etc.

So far, so good. I’m terrific at reading, researching, listing, planning, and prepping.

The hard part for me is getting motivated, sparking that fire and then carefully and consistently tending it, making sure that I am devoted enough to myself to do the hard work ahead. I’m not good at committing to myself. (I couldn’t even get through a 30-day Bikram Yoga challenge at my local yoga studio because I put the needs of others ahead of my own). I’m much better at making sure the people I love are taken care of and shuttled where they need to go, and I prefer to make sure that colleagues and friends have the support that I can offer them before I worry about me. So, despite the fact that I hadn’t had a period in over four months, the notion that I needed to do this for myself, for my own health, wasn’t really lighting my motivational fires.

And then came the most soul-nourishing message from my kids: I can’t be a fun, easy-going mom, ready to go on any number of new adventures at a moment’s notice if I am not taking care of myself. I can’t help them feel their best if I am crabby and impatient because I am not feeling my best. I can’t expect them to practice healthy habits if I am not practicing them myself.

I like being a fun mom. I like adventuring with my kiddos. I like exploring this world with them in a hands-on kind of way. I like getting messy, sweaty, muddy, full of life’s experiences.
I started keto with full motivation on March 2nd.

For someone like me, who has struggled her entire adult life with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), the state of nutritional ketosis is an oasis in an otherwise deadly desert.

Day #2 of snowboarding fun!

By March 5th and 6th I felt so fantastic that the kids and I went snowboarding two days in a row! My sugar was fully stabilized. My energy levels were high, and the fog that had clouded my brain for the past few months lifted. The sense of freedom I experience in nutritional ketosis is astounding, and, even better, it allows me to be the fun, active, and engaged parent I strive to be.

By March 11th, after dropping a little over sixteen pounds, my body naturally regulated my cycle. I did not need a medical intervention to induce a period. I’m waking up BEFORE my alarm clock. I do not NEED coffee. In fact, I haven’t had any since February. My coffee pot isn’t even on my counter any longer–it’s in the basement on my shelf of forgotten kitchen gadgets. My skin is now clear, and I know that within a couple of months my weight will naturally settle into the range where I feel strong and healthy–all because I am properly fueling my body and actively nourishing my soul.

I know there will be peaks and valleys along the way. I anticipate the fear-mongering comments I will surely be receiving about my cholesterol levels and the impracticality of eschewing all grains. But, for this journey–MY journey–all that matters is that I finally have what I need to see it through.

All my best to you, Lovelies!

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