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To Schedule or Not To Schedule? Is That Even A Question?

Good early morning to you all! The sun isn’t even peeking up over the horizon here. The sky hasn’t yet lightened (but that pic is what it will look like when it does). CH is off to work with his cooler successfully topped-off with good eats. The kiddos are still snuggled and will hopefully wake to the smell of fresh coconut banana muffins wafting up the stairs in an hour or so. (And, my gosh, I will make a full dozen of those muffins because our little cave girl out-ate CH at dinner last night! We are expecting a growth spurt of Alice In Wonderland’s magic mushroom proportions!)

A couple days ago I was asked about how I prep my family’s lunches–particularly about how I cook larger portions of meat and then portion it out. Here’s what I did for today’s packed meals:

  • I roasted two organic chicken breasts (bone-in, skin-on) while I was already baking chicken legs for dinner. No extra effort there!
  • After dinner clean-up last night, I popped Clean Eats in the Zoo’s Cinnamon Swirl Coffee Cake in the oven (you should all go make this, right now! It smells divine and tastes even better!), and while it was filling my kitchen with the most amazing cinnamon aroma, I plunked the chicken breasts into some wrapping and tossed them in the fridge.
  • This morning, I cut one breast into strips for CH’s garden salad, and then the remainder of the breast I made into a creamy chicken salad for his afternoon snack. Easy peasy. (Why didn’t I do this last night? Well, I was feeling lazy, and, after a long holiday weekend, I was guessing that I might just need a little extra motivation to slip out from under our toasty covers).
  • The remaining chicken breast awaits its carving hour for the kiddos’ lunches and my post-workout meal. (I know, I know, I could have done this while making CH’s bounty. What can I say? I wanted to get to blogging for you, Lovelies).

Ah, workouts…another question I received pertained to my workout schedule and routine. This is kind of a two-part answer: What I have been doing and what I am beginning today…let me explain.

The Old Way

Up until this morning, my workout routine consisted of three running days (just the standard Easy Run, Tempo Run, and Long Run) and three weight training days or HIIT days. I’d fit them in where I could, when I could. And sometimes missed one. Or a few. Or all of them.

I’ve definitely been better about making time for my workouts as of late (when you’re feeling better you are more motivated to sweat!), but the return of the school year has given me a gift: windows of time that are mine. To schedule health and fitness. To do something for me.

So today begins…

The New Way

I’m up with CH at 4:15 AM anyway, so I’ve decided to use the time between his departure and the kids’ rising to exercise. No, I can’t go running outside (that would be a very irresponsible cave mama!).

However, I can join the Queen over at Sweat It Out on her September “Back to Booty” group challenge. And, I can do it right from the comfort of our new workout room! All I have to do is push play and move my body along to the amazing rhythms of Beach Body’s Brazil Butt Lift program. (And, honestly, if all goes well, what better gift for our upcoming eleventh anniversary, right?) Today is my day one!

In addition to shaking my bum bum (boom boom) every morning, I also have a standing date with my best fitness pal over at Warrior Fit for three days (T, Th, & Sat) of HIIT (including suspension training). Did I mention that she is getting her personal trainer’s certification really soon? You can be sure she is putting me through my paces! Just look at the contraption she tortures me with!

And, lastly, my running.

Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Sundays.

Recovery Run, Tempo Run, Speedwork, Long Run.

I am training for the D & L Heritage Half Marathon, which, if you are an autumn-lover-runner, is the half marathon for you! Riverside trails, crunchy leaves, crisp air. It’s like my running bliss trifecta. Plus, tech tshirts, cool finisher’s medals, and it’s a half marathon with room to grow. After this year’s half, I’ll be training for the full in 2013. (See what happens when you start feeling great–you become delusional! No, I’m joking. But, you do start dreaming a little bigger and following-through a little better!)

Hope you are full of great ideas, great actions, and great dreams today, Lovelies!




Thursday, Thursday, So Delicious To Me!

It is almost Friday. WooooHoooo! This is a far more exciting statement in the Fall once school begins for both me and the kiddos, but nonetheless…I thought I’d share some tales of lunchbox envy and workout wonderfulness with you on this under appreciated day before the day before the weekend.

What’s in your lunchbox?

My favorite Paleo-eating guy (who is seeing great results, btw) has been the target of some amusement and lunchbox envy lately. (Aren’t all Paleo enthusiasts?) He’s been taking his cooler to work daily this week filled to the brim with all kinds of delicious, healthy goodness, and some of his coworkers have been watching to see just what will surface around break time & lunch time each day. Some have even taken to teasing him when he gets out his blowtorch to heat up his eats (really, I’m not kidding).  While holding their PB&J or mystery meat sandwiches, they’ll say, “That’s not diet food! No way!” You know, conventional nutrition, food pyramid-quoting comments like that.

What do I say to their jovial teasing? (Because I really do like the guys he works with).

I say, “Exactly, dear coworkers, how well you understand!”

It isn’t diet food. It is the food that comprises our diet–the food we eat for health, vitality, and happiness because we live the Paleo Lifestyle. We don’t crash diet on some foods and then revert back to the junk that required us to diet in the first place. We live on real, whole, organic, farm-fresh, grass-fed, pasture-raised foods and plan on doing so indefinitely. Thank you for your concern. Would you like some maple-mustard glazed chicken thighs or some fresh, green salad with a heaping scoop of Practical Paleo’s delicious Bacon & Egg Salad?

We thought so.

You were drooling.

Here’s a napkin.

Now, a delicious little scoop on one of my new favorite places:

The Gym That’s Not Just Any Gym: It’s a Warrior’s Playground!

In preparation for a productive weekend (I want to write a few reviews for you and get in a killer workout), I took a little trip with one of my best fitness pals to a gym she has been bugging me to check out for years (seriously, if we were married, she’d be the quintessential nag–love her bunches, though). Today, I woke up feeling so fantastic that I figured it was better late than never to get sweaty at this place which still holds her very enthusiastic workout devotion.

Ouch…Ooooo….Ahhh…are my official words of recommendation.

I was dripping and completely exhausted by the time we finished the WOD (and when I say finished, I mean that I did a wonderful job of cheering her on after modifying lots of the moves/reps/etc. for myself) but, luckily, my fingers were spared so that I could let you all know that WarriorFit in Easton, PA is a serious place that offers so much more than cardio equipment! They don’t call it WarriorFit for nothing!

I’ll be interviewing the owner/head strength coach in the near future to give you all a sampling of what WarriorFit is all about!

Oh, and I’ll be working out there again on Saturday…if I can move!

Make sure to enjoy the rest of your day, Lovelies! And, stop back in tomorrow for a review of The Food Lovers: Make it Paleo cookbook! I have lovely dishpan hands all for your benefit! Well, that’s not entirely true, my family has sure benefitted from all the cooking, too!



PS–What’s in your lunchbox????

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